I’m done.

I am no longer maintaining this site actively.  I quit the game a few weeks ago, as I have pretty much lost interest.  The game isn't evolving well, and most of the people that I enjoyed playing with have quit.  I wish you all well, and if anyone wants to volunteer to moderate the site shoot me an email and we can talk.

New Building – Apothecary

Kabam is testing this on select domains.  I can't believe they are continuing down this path.  The game has totally jumped the shark.

Mar 30,2012

The Apothecary is Here!

The Apothecary is a new building that heals wounded troops after combat! If a player loses troops in battle and has an Apothecary, some of his defeated troops will show up as "Wounded". The amount of wounded troops is determined by the level of his Apothecary. The higher the level, the more troops he can revive. A Player can Revive wounded troops by selecting "Revive" in the Apothecary. Reviving Troops has a time and Gold cost. 

One Apothecary can be built per city. Troops can only be revived one group at a time (you can not queue groups). 

Wounded Troops

A player will obtain a number of killed Troops as "Wounded" based on their Apothecary level.  This pool of Wounded Troops can then be revived in the Apothecary

  • Level 1:    3% of troops lost will be wounded
  • Level 2:    5%  of troops lost will be wounded
  • Level 3:    10 of troops lost will be wounded
  • Level 4:    15 of troops lost will be wounded
  • Level 5:    20 of troops lost will be wounded
  • Level 6:    25 of troops lost will be wounded
  • Level 7:    30 of troops lost will be wounded
  • Level 8:    35 of troops lost will be wounded
  • Level 9:    40 of troops lost will be wounded
  • Level 10:  45 of troops lost will be wounded

Troop Costs

Each Troop has a Gold cost for getting revived. The Gold cost for each unit are below.

 Troop  Gold Cost
Supply Troop 21 
Militiamen 23 
 Scout 47 
 Pikeman 75 
 Swordsman 75 
 Archer 95 
 Cavalry 210 
 Heavy Cavalry 500 
 Supply Wagon 245 
 Ballista 730 
 Battering Ram 1150 
 Catapult 1920 


Throne Room Upgrades and Enhancements

Kabam has released throne room item upgrades and enhancements on select domains.  As soon as I have a chance to test it I will post some details.



Mergers, Enhanced and Premium Domains

Here is a link to the official Kabam forum post on the new domain mergers, enhanced, and premium domains.  This is going to be interesting folks.



Possible ‘Enhanced Rules’ Domains

I noticed an unusual change to the in game link to change domains last night.  It has since reverted to what we are accustomed to, but for a few hours last night we may have gotten a glimpse at what is to come.  Several of the older domains had been renamed to Camelotxxx rather than their usual Culwich, Pridwen, etc, which really wasn’t that big of a deal.  However, one VERY interesting thing that I noted was that there was a classification for “Enhanced Rules” domains.  I take this to mean that Kabam has some significant modifications set to roll out in the not to distant future.  I would think that Kabam recognizes that there are two very different styles of players in this game, those that are aggressive and want to have more combat, and those that are more casual and enjoy the occassional altercation, but prefer to build more than fight.  This is total speculation on my part, but a server with reduced training times and less emphasis on resource management might cater to the fighters, and a server that rewards the ‘huggers’ who hoard resources and are more politically minded might make sense.  It might also be interesting to set up a server with ‘old rules’ that take a step back to the days before auto barbing and raiding.  I have also heard discussions about domains with no wilds or a dramatically reduced number of barb camps, both of which would be interesting.  Again, this is total speculation, but it is quite possible that this might be the next evolution in game play.

Stone Guardian Released

The new Stone Guardian is being rolled out.  It was released to selected domains on 3/8 and should be wide released in the next day or two.  Here is the Caravan Message announcing it in some domains along with a link to some Q&A.

The Stone Guardian!
The Emet Golum has arrived! Summon the Emet Golum to increase Stone Production and reduce troop training time.

Unlock the Emet Golum with the Stone Rune, available exclusively in the Item Shop!

Guardian Set Bonus!
Summon all 4 Guardians in one city and get extra bonuses! The Set Bonus increases your Active Guardian’s bonuses by 50%, and allows you to retain 50% of the Troop Bonuses from your 3 other Inactive Guardians.

You can learn more about the Emet Golum and the Guardian Set Bonus here!



Throne Room Items

Thanks to FuFu for this excellent summary of throne room items.


New Developer Diary is out

Some quality information here, and I suggest everyone reads it.




Another good Throne Room write up

Kudos to Dan Menck for a good write up on Throne Room items.  Take his advice, it is quite good.


Defense Debuff

This is a little trivial, but a lot of people seem to be going nuts over the throne room items that provde a defense debuff, and I want to correct the misperception.  A quick overview of how combat works is probably in order.  When any troop fights, this is the basic formula: attack-defense x accuracy = life taken per round of combat.  There are other multipliers that can affect combat such as overwhelming numbers, but for the sake of simplicity, lets just address the basic formula.  A defense debuff of even 60% on the highest def troop (hc) is only worth about 80 life per round, assuming lvl 11 research.  That’s approximately equivalent to a 7% atk buff (without an ore guardian, 5.5% with a lvl 10) or a 2% life debuff.  Other troops have a much lower defense value (see http://www.techfumaster.com/general-koc-faqs/troop-stats-w-research/ for values) and the defense debuff has an even lower net effect on them.  I’m not saying that the defense debuff is totally useless, but it certainly shouldn’t be one that you are spending a lot of time or effort trying to acquire.